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TJ Cat and the Superheroes Community Plan
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March 30, 2023  |  287 views

Be Kind to Others (children's book) by Israelin ShocknessBE KIND TO OTHERS: TJ CAT AND THE SUPERHEROES COMMUNITY PLAN is the fourth book in the series, TJ Cat and the Superheroes. In this story, over the holidays, Ellie Elephant discovers not all little animals had a good time at Christmas. At school, Ellie tells her friends. TJ Cat and the Superheroes think of how they can help. With the help of their par3nes and their teacher, Miss Cheval,   TJ Cat and the superheroes show that little ones could have good ideas and accomplish big things.

 The whole community of Sunshine Village is proud of this accomplishment. This story reinforces the idea that “anyone can be a superhero” by being brave, kind and caring about others. This book teaches young children to be empathetic, kind, and helpful to others. It also builds their self-confidence.

Author's Notes

As a young child, I was introduced to books even before I could speak clearly. By four I was reading well. By 6, I was reading my first children's chapter book. What I discovered as a parent and as an educator is that the secret is early exposure to books. I strongly believe that every child can learn to read. I have worked with young children, my own, and others I have tutored over the years. Even for those children who did not learn to read early and who were having difficulty in reading, I also discovered that the more they came to enjoy books, even books read to them, the greater interest and the greater desire they developed for reading.

This is the fourth book in the series, TJ CAT and the superheroes
This book is children's fiction. It is brilliantly illustrated - Action and Adventure.
Animals and superheroes.
Before long, young readers would be looking forward to seeing the various characters.
Excellent for promoting positive values. Parents, grandparents, teachers, librarians can all introduced this carefully illustrated books to young childr4en.

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I have spent several years as an educator working with students from kindergarten to university and as a former columnist for a weekly community newspaper. As a volunteer with non-profit organizations servicing children and youth, parents and the marginalized, I have held different positions as community worker and as board member. I have had the opportunity to speak to adolescent and young...

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