Be My Shy Heroine

Book by Lillin Zan

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Be My Shy Heroine - Book coverA spicy and thought-provoking story about toxic relationships, bullying, and jealousy – the first alluring novel of the Lovable Heroes and Villains Collection.

Sometimes a Girl has to be the Hero of the situation…

Chelsea is a bullied nerd girl. She’s shy and intelligent, and her best friend Hannah is the only person she can confide in. But everything changes when Chelsea meets Steve.
Steve is a brave and strong athlete. Kind-hearted and sweet, Steve however has several skeletons in the closet.
So, who is the real hero and who is the damsel in distress?
Chelsea and Steve are about to find it out…

The different stories of Chelsea and Steve intertwine and highlight the real problems affecting today's society. A compelling, full of twists novel that will keep you hooked on reading until the end: “Be My Shy Heroine”is the romantic and sexy story for girls who dare and ask for more than the usual novel.

Will Chelsea save herself from high School bullies?
Will Steve be able to exorcise his past of toxic relationship?
You guys have no idea what situations await them…


About Lillin Zan

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Lillin Zan is an author of books focused on feelings. She strongly believes that all stories deserve to be written and built properly so she uses her scriptwriting knowledge to make even the simplest stories exciting. When she's not busy typing furiously on her keyboard, Lillin enjoys strolling on the beach and collecting seashells while reflecting on the next story she's going to write...

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