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Blazing Blunderbuss

by Nix Whittaker  NZ New Zealand

November 13, 2017   |    1,223 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Blazing Blunderbuss - Book coverWho accidentally steals a pirate airship? Gideon is a dragon and a mathematician and stealing airships is just the start of the trouble he gets into. Trouble like being kidnapped by Roshian revolutionaries. Luckily he is rescued by a tinker on her way home to visit her grandfather. She has no idea of the trouble she is about to get into with Gideon.

Author's Note: 

What if dragons were real. Since they have seven limbs they couldn't possibly evolve on earth. But what if dragons evolved on another planet. A planet much like our own. Then one day they travel to earth because their home is destroyed by an asteroid. Earth's history is completely changed forever.

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