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Blazing Blunderbuss

by Nix Whittaker  NZ New Zealand

November 13, 2017   |    1,148 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Blazing Blunderbuss - Book coverWho accidentally steals a pirate airship? Gideon is a dragon and a mathematician and stealing airships is just the start of the trouble he gets into. Trouble like being kidnapped by Roshian revolutionaries. Luckily he is rescued by a tinker on her way home to visit her grandfather. She has no idea of the trouble she is about to get into with Gideon.

Author's Note: 

What if dragons were real. Since they have seven limbs they couldn't possibly evolve on earth. But what if dragons evolved on another planet. A planet much like our own. Then one day they travel to earth because their home is destroyed by an asteroid. Earth's history is completely changed forever.

About the Author

Nix Whittaker is an English teacher in the heart of the North Island of New Zealand. She lives with her cats and her dog in the shadow of an active volcano where she writes in her spare time.

Nix started as a reader to help improve her spelling as she is dyslexic but was hooked by the marvellous worlds of Mercedes Lackey and Terry Pratchett. As time passed and she read out the library,... View Nix Whittaker Profile

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