Bloodstained Skies

Bloodstained Skies: The Core of Rage by Dagmar Rokita - book cover.
The Core of Rage
Dagmar Rokita

9 September, 2023

In a clash of vengeance, the long-awaited war has ignited the Union worlds. The once tranquil Peripheral Zones become a battleground, consumed by rebels seeking retribution for their lost homelands.

At the forefront of the rebellion stands Charon Antares, a daring leader whose latest mission ends in catastrophic failure. Threatened by those with power and wealth, Antares must make a harrowing choice: succumb to their demands and relinquish his authority, or carry out a deranged command that could plunge thousands of his comrades into peril.

Amidst this chaos, a spirited young girl named Cerridwen resides in a world untouched by strife. But when tragedy befalls her family, Cerridwen vows to exact revenge. To realize her audacious plan, she must forge an unlikely alliance with Antares and the rebels, lest her quest for justice remains out of reach.

As the rebellion rages on, a group of Union scientists takes matters into their own hands. Hidding from the government, they craft a merciless and inhumane weapon, designed to halt the relentless rebel invasions once and for all.

Author's Notes

For fans of: Halo, Warhammer, Battlestar Galactica

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