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Business for Kids

by Syd Read  US United States

December 27, 2017   |    986 reads    |   0 comments

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Business for Kids - Book coverHave you ever thought of preparing your children for the future and equipping them with knowledge that will be really useful for them in their future real life and career? Children and money and educating kids about business are very important topics to increase kids' awareness and involvement with their real environmental elements.

'Business for Kids' is intended to introduce children to the simple basics of business. It aims to provide them with a good understanding about businesses and give them an edge for the future.

Terms provided within this book were carefully chosen, aided with illustrations, the presentation and explanation of these terms were done as simple as possible in order not to cause any misunderstanding or confusion for kids.

The book covers general topics and aspects of business. It starts with the primary elements of business, then moves to the money and financial aspects, also covers business survival in addition to other related topics.

This book is designed to reach and help children of the age range of 6 to 12 years old.

About The Author

Syd Read, is a writer, author, story teller, painter, creator of a digital content and a banker who believes that life is too short to be spent on one path.

Syd Read had authored several books in different genres including fiction stories, books about stock trading in addition to children's books.

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