Can You Stay for Breakfast?

by B.M. Hardin US United States
March 4, 2013

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Can You Stay for Breakfast? (book image did not load)I’ll have bacon, eggs…and YOU on the side!
Somebody’s got a secret…but then again…who doesn’t?
Staci, approaching thirty, knew that the clock was ticking, and with the constant fear and thoughts of growing old alone on her mind, Staci is determined to find love.
Desperately seeking, with an open mind and an open heart, hastily she sets out on the journey to find, capture and conquer true love once and for all.
How do you know what love should be? What does it look like; what does it feels like? Unsure of these answers herself, Staci meets Ty, and she is convinced that he is her Mr. Right…but…
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Can You Stay for Breakfast? (book image did not load)