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by Sophie Everdeen  IN India

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CHANCES AND DESTINIES - Book coverA Royal Story of love, friendship and loyalty; sweetness and bitterness; set in the past with carriages and horses and palaces and posies.
A chance meeting between two strangers - Lily and Princess Elsa - sets off a deep friendship.
Tragedy results in happiness.
Happiness results in meetings.
Meetings result in love.
And much more... like...
Love resulting in tragedy.
Destiny's job is simply to destine. What one goes through to reach that destiny is for fate to decide...
Prince Nicholas Sloshburgh was born for a great destiny - to be King of Filaderson. But fate may make him go through vivid transformations and unsuspected twists, related or unrelated to this great destiny. A cold man who had never once given way to deep emotions may find himself in love with someone totally different. Who knew? Unexpected twists happen frequently, after all.
For example - Sweet old Lily's life may not prove to be as simple as could have expected by her, or by anyone else, and Princess Elsa, who had long given up hope in love, may find that the love comes back to her. But what would she do? And what would Lily do when she finds that Prince Nicholas likes her? Not to mention another person who's taken a liking for Lily, too...

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Hi, I am Sophie.
I am a writer and a reader who’s always aspiring for greater things and who is living on her fantasy world that she has created in her mind, snatches of which are sometimes conveyed through her books. I’m also a singer – singing and song writing is one of my other greatest passions. And I’m always there for anyone who needs me with a smile.
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