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Christmas with a Stranger

by Kimberly Grell  US United States

December 6, 2016   |    1,451 reads    |   0 comments

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Christmas with a Stranger (book) by Kimberly GrellDeborah is a young woman whose family decided to spend Christmas in the tropics instead of in the wintry cold of New England. She stayed behind because Christmas just isn't Christmas without the cold and snow. A week before Christmas and the now quiet house had given way for loneliness and a dim Christmas spirit, a stranger comes along, giving her exactly what she needed for the Christmas season.

Full of lighthearted moments, Christmas spirit and romance, this Novella is sure to satisfy and warm the heart just in time for Christmas.


About the Author

Kimberly Grell is a mother to one child and currently resides in the sunny state of Florida. Kimberly writes a vast amount of poetry and romance that is satisfying and contains a great reread value. You can also find her on Twitter at the Twitter handle @KimmieLovesLife, Facebook under Kimberly Grell - Author Page and Instagram with the username BriansDisneyGal, where you can have a sneak peek... View Kimberly Grell Profile

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