Clive the Magic Camel - At the Zoo

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April 23, 2013

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Clive the Magic Camel - Book Image Did Not Load!Clive the Magic Camel – At the Zoo is a very old story about a camel that meets various animals and wishes for one of each of their attributes that he thinks will improve his personality. The name ‘camel’ changes as each attribute is added until he becomes so absurd that he realises that he was better as he was, and not something/somebody else. 
The book is written to be read by 7 year olds and upwards, but it can be read to, or told as a story to, children from the age 3 upwards. This book, based on an old nonsense fun story, can even be enjoyed by those in secondary school. It can be read to a group of children to aid discussion on the subject raised.
The story was told certainly in Victorian times when there was no or very little entertainment in the homes. The writer has been telling this and other stories for many years to children and young people of all ages in schools, churches, and youth organisations. 
A few years ago the author was told he ought to write down his stories and produced ‘Clive the Magic Camel - At the Zoo’ as his first book.
The book was published by Diverze Publications and was released on 14th February 2013.
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