Coyote Truck Maintenance

Book by Dana Huse

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Coyote Truck Maintenance by Dana Huse. Book coverIf you like Mark Twain, Tom Robbins, Hunter S. Thompson or Warren Zevon, here is a book for you.

Dana is house sitting; simple enough, what could go wrong?

Unable to get the entertainment center to be entertaining, Dana decides to save money and spend time by performing routine maintenance on his truck himself. There are a few problems, such as:

The truck gets stolen but, luckily, the truck returns. It takes three tries to get all the right parts. There's some trouble driving the truck through the front doors of the house, the doors will have to be repaired. He has no work clothes, so it's nude truck repair. Not all of the oil ends up in the oil catching container.

Stubborness saves the day. He completes all the maintenance but … sooner or later … and getting sooner, he's going to have to explain the doors, the truck and the furniture.

Thousands of books teach you how to maintain your truck the easy way. Buy this book and you can learn the interesting way.

Author's Notes

I was house sitting and thought about changing the oil in my truck. Then I started imagining all the things that could go wrong.

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Dana Huse (1955 - so far, so good) was born in Hoboken, New Jersey to two parents, grew up in various cities across the country but mainly in Huntsville, AL and moved to California in 1978. He had a career doing things with computers. He's working on winning any award for any accomplishment. He lives in Ventura, CA, which is a pretty cool place to live. Interesting things happen to him...

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