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Crematory for Phoenixes

Not a word for the dead - The burned chronicles Book 1
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by Nikola Yanchovichin  BG Bulgaria

February 23, 2017   |    819 reads    |   0 comments

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Crematory for Phoenixes: Not a word for the dead - Book coverIn a world where time travel is readily accessible, the rich landscapes that fostered the beginnings of human civilization become the battleground for a silent war that rages through the eons as time travelers each carve their own paths for history to follow.

Yet even time travelers are not immune to the ravages of time. For these manipulators of fate, aging is the least of the horrors that await. As their DNA becomes as unstable as the time line they’ve created, man himself becomes the monsters of classic myths and legends.

Several isolated groups of strangers and outcasts travel the sweeping deserts and raging seas, connected by their mission to destroy these monsters of man’s own creation. Their harrowing journey takes them through ancient lands to the grotesque monsters that lay within. At stake is the course of the human race and possibly its very existence


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