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Darkness Unveiled

by Natalie Hancock  GB United Kingdom

February 8, 2013   |    986 reads    |   0 comments

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Darkness Unveiled (book cover)Darkness Unveiled is the last book in the Cursed in Darkness series. While darkness rises with each passing second and the lives of others are on the line, Layla must make the ultimate decision—stay with the others to keep them safe, or lure the darkness away, potentially risking her life while doing so. Complications grow with the darkness, and forbidden passions begin to show, making Layla unable to think straight as her hidden desires make her crave to walk down the forbidden road she promised herself not to step on. As she gets lost in her thoughts and what her body wants, hungry for the passion she knows she can’t have, the darkness grows stronger, taking control and Layla is forced to do things she would never dream about doing. She realises that in order to rid the darkness within, a sacrifice has to be made in order to save everyone else. Will Layla ever with be free from the darkness inside? Or will this finally be the end for her?

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