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Dawn of Unity

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April 21, 2023  |  128 views

Dawn of Unity by Nitish Sharma. Book cover.A boy despised by society, another elevated to prominence, both linked by a war.

“Die a criminal or serve your country in this war,” the knight who recaptured seventeen-year-old Will Farmer told him. Locked away for murder, Will escaped only because of a powerful object he found. He takes the knight’s mercy to prove he’s not the monster they say he is. A battle later he’s captured by a boy from the opposing side who holds an object like his.

“Capture an enemy, bring him to the capital, and you will be grand vizier,” the sultan told sixteen-year-old Ahmed Sharfi. He’s improved over nine years at the University of Magi, since the day he accidentally burned down his town’s souk. To sit by the sultan’s side, it’s everything he thought he wanted. Thus he heads to war. Yet, a powerful object, found during his studies, points him to someone in the aftermath of a battle.

Their nations say they should be enemies, but it isn’t so. They don’t understand the war, but for different reasons. Will wants redemption, while Ahmed cared only about his studies, yet they seem to get along so well. They realise their powerful objects may be able to guide them. But who are two boys to change a war others failed to stop?

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Indies Today 2022 Book Awards Honorable Mention

About Nitish Sharma

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From a young age Nitish has always been interested in fantasy. If not spending time with his friends and family, he can be found writing, reading, and enjoying video games with large immersive worlds. He has released his debut novel Dawn of Unity which has been long in the making. Educated and trained in biology, earth and environmental sciences, Nitish brings a rich background to his novel’s...

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