Demon Lord 7, Dark Domain

by ZA South Africa
January 20, 2013

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Demon Lord 7, Dark Domain (book) by TC SouthwellBane must face three Dark Gods, maybe four, to keep the child goddess awakened by Kayos safe. However, the people whose domain is now ruled by Sherinias hamper and endanger him, as they do not believe in gods. They do, however, believe in evil and have been fighting it for centuries, with dire consequences.
While most attempt to capture or kill Bane, others are persuaded that he is not a destroyer, and they side with him. This doesn’t save Sherinias’ world from trouble, though, and it falls into darkness as its people destroy it with their careless plunder. Not even Kayos can save it.
The people have built their city just outside the realm gate in the God Realm, which makes it hard to close the portal, which they want to remain open, but, if it isn’t closed, all types of gods may enter and place this dark domain and its child goddess in even greater danger.
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