Deny the Moon

Wolfblooded: Book 1

The Wolfblooded Series is an Urban Fantasy series loosely inspired by the five stages of grief. With book one, Deny the Moon, our incredibly grudge-y and forgotten young heroine, Harley, is just trying to find where she belongs in the world. With a family who pays as much attention to her as they do a couch, it's no wonder she runs off with the first guy that breezes into town and profess his love to her.

He not only loves her, he needs her. No one has ever needed her before.

Unaware of the secret held by both Frank Essex and her family, Harley finds herself thrown right in the middle of the wolves and her only chance of surviving is to run away. Again. Only now it's not as easy to disappear. Harley can no longer deny the fact that life as she knows it is gone and she truly belongs with the monsters she never was supposed to know existed.

Author's Notes

Every time I pick up a werewolf novel, I find a rich world of creatures whose origins are often based in occult magic. My inspiration for Deny the Moon's wolves come from a more spiritual magic origin, with a lore derived from Shoshone legend. Though book one does not touch on the history of their kind, it will become more prominent as the books continue.

I was sick of seeing readily powerful women with unshakeable confidence and untested strength coming naturally to them. With Harley, I wanted to explore a flawed character. Someone who might drive you a little crazy with their naivete as well as someone who doesn't just hit the ground running when she is thrown into her personal adversity. She's flawed, she stumbles, she continues to make mistakes when she should already know better.

In the same respect, Frank is not just a cut and dry villain. My goal was to give you an antagonist that you can't help but feel conflicted about. He's an ass, but you just know there is more to it than that. The question is, will he allow that side to come out or will he prove to be just another bad guy?

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