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Domus Inter - House Between

by Sarah Carter  GB United Kingdom

June 29, 2013   |    1,649 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!Seventeen-year-old Harriet (Harry) Lawson expects her life to change when her mother inherits Domus Inter - a grand house in Wales - from a mysterious man called Jack Lloyd. But she doesn't expect her whole world to be turned upside down, and that's exactly what happens when she meets Jack Lloyd's solicitor and a disturbing young man who calls himself Mord. The two men tell Harry an unbelievable tale - of murder, another world, and a magic pendant called the True Heart.
Harry has never felt like she belongs in this world, and she is about to find out why. Not knowing what to believe or who to trust, Harry's desire to discover her true identity will embroil her in a conflict as old as memory. The legends of this world are the prophecies of another...but have they been interpreted wrongly?

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