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Doorway to Destiny

A Thirteen-Book Fantasy and Science Fiction Adventure Box Set
by Vanessa Finaughty  ZA South Africa

co-author: TC Southwell

September 27, 2014   |    1,803 reads    |   0 comments

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Doorway to Destiny - Box set coverWith eight novels by TC Southwell and a trilogy and two anthologies by Vanessa Finaughty, this box set offers fantasy and sci-fi lovers escapism that will keep you up long past your bedtime. Dive into fantastic worlds and meet fascinating characters whose trials and tribulations will enchant and inspire. Discover how a vengeful assassin reshapes the fate of three kingdoms and share in a quest to discover the origins of mankind, then follow the tale of a young queen's fight to be free with the aid of a combat cyborg. Two short story anthologies spice up the fare with dragons, sorcerers and magic galore, and a child of another god strives to save his world from mankind's ravages. When a mortal dark god treads a tragic path as he rises to destroy the Overworld, a brave young girl risks her life to try to change his savage ways. Each hero and heroine takes a definitive step through a doorway to destiny as he or she seeks to right wrongs and save worlds.

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