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Dragon Kin and other fantasy stories

by Vanessa Finaughty  ZA South Africa

January 17, 2013   |    1,279 reads    |   0 comments

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Dragon Kin and other fantasy stories (book) by Vanessa FinaughtyThe Dragon Kin anthology is a compilation of fantasy stories with myriad twists to keep you turning the page.
In this anthology, a man's astonishing past is uncovered when he saves a young woman from conjured, fire-breathing dragons. A beginner wizard’s resolve is put to the test when rabid dogs chase him, set upon his trail by the king for accusing the queen of murder. A mother gets ready to brave danger by confronting a greedy black dragon with an overzealous fondness for livestock in the next valley that threatens, if left unchecked, to see her children starve during the looming winter. A wily assassin slips into the castle dungeons to silence a prisoner before his testimony can expose startling revelations about the queen. A fraught man does the unthinkable when he tries to kill a little girl for the bounty placed on her head. An elf risks revealing the world’s best-kept secret – her secret – by setting out to rescue kidnapped phoenix eggs and captured humans.

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