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Dragon Land

Two Dragon Brothers # 1: The Beginning
by Elizabeth Westphal  US United States

November 24, 2015   |    3,342 reads    |   0 comments

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Dragon Land: Two Dragon Brothers # 1: The Beginning (book) by Elizabeth WestphalA Vampire dragon named Redclaws steals two of the three eggs of a pair of Amphibian dragons. She successfully converts one of them into a Vampire dragon egg, while the other is accidentally killed.
Splashsail and Flowerwater, the parents of the eggs, move to a different forest to protect their last egg. Out of this egg hatches an adventurous young Amphibian dragon named Waveripple.
Waveripple meets two other hatchlings, and soon the three of them discover that something is wrong in the forest. Dragons are disappearing without a trace. Waveripple and his friends try to figure out what is happening to the missing dragons-before any other dragon disappears.
Meanwhile, the stolen egg has also hatched, into a Vampire named Whiteswirl. Whiteswirl finds a cavern that he is content to spend most of his time in, but dragons have been discovering his kills. He must always be careful not to be noticed, because every dragon would kill a Vampire on sight.


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