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Dynasty O'Shea

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December 10, 2012  |  1,144 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Dynasty O'Shea (book) by Clarissa Cartharn"Dynasty O'Shea" is a new age, feel-good fantasy adventure fiction for young adults. Written with a pinch of humour and romance, it transports the reader to the world of Spassenia where all the magic and adventure happens.
"Dynasty O'Shea-The Throne of Gammalon" is the first installment of the O'Shea adventures.

The Kingdom of Gammalon in Spassenia is in the clutches of evil, dark lord Dravidor. The only hope for this torn kingdom lies in a completely different dimension.

When Jack O'Shea is compelled to reveal an 18 year old secret, he never would have guessed that his four children would be thrust in the middle of a 200 year old war between Gammalon and Dark Vale. Gammalon. As Jack, his ex-wife and warrior princess Rachel and their four children travel through a magical gateway and into Spassenia, they must learn to first unite to overcome Lord Dravidor. But Dravidor has always wanted Jack dead and now he has also added the names of the young O'Sheas to his death warrants. Now the young O'Sheas must take matters into their hands if they want to make it out alive of Spassenia- together.

The following are five star reviews of readers on Amazon:

"Very well written, this story hooks you in right from the start with the promise of strange things to come... There is such a lot happening in the story that it keeps you turning the pages, right up until the very satisfying and magical ending."

"Dynasty O'Shea is a welcome breath of fresh air with a delightful pace of reading. The pages keep turning and the story keeps getting better. Highly recommended for young adults and older."

About Clarissa Cartharn

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Clarissa Cartharn has always had a deep love for language. Her pursuit of it has led her to attain a BA majoring in English Language and Literature, sought a career in English teaching for six years before finally becoming a lawyer. But when she took up the pen, she realised what she was really desiring for was the cathartic release of her wild imaginations via writing. Clarissa is interested...

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