Edge of Perception

A Paranormal Science Fiction Love Story
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by Steve Bellinger US United States
February 23, 2020

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Edge of Perception - Book coverIf ghosts can visit us, can we visit them?

Ron Lewis did not believe in the paranormal. But a curse that dates back to the days of slavery has plagued him since childhood.

Born in Chicago's black ghetto in in the 1960s, His pragmatism is at odds with his experiences; whether it’s the trials of an interracial relationship or the supernatural forces that he can’t seem to avoid.

Just when he thinks he’s finally found peace of mind, Ron’s life is upended by tragedy. He gets the opportunity to use science to try to communicate with the dead, and to finally confront the evil that has plagued him and his family for generations.

That’s when all hell breaks loose.

Author's Note: 

Edge of Perception was inspired by real life experienced. I, too am a pragmatist and was once a non believer. Though I have never seen a ghost or had a true, direct paranormal experience, things that have happened to those I know and love; whom I implicitly trust and believe, have made me reconsider my doubts. Now there seems there may be some science behind some paranormal things, which fascinates me even more.

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Edge of Perception - Book cover
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