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Fairy Tales

From Around the World
Book by Teya Evans

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August 11, 2019  |  873 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Fairy Tales: From Around the World - Book coverDo you read bedtime stories for your child? Don't modern heroes seems too boring to you? Try to plunge into the fairy tale world filled with ancient, magical creatures: elves, fairies, mermaids, dragons...
This fairy tale storybook is dedicated to ancient folktales from around the world. Many of them are lost, but some have still managed to reach our era.
We travel, together, all around the world. We sink into the old tales that speak of magic we still don’t fully understand. We look for answers, but — perhaps more importantly — we look for questions: for that spirit that makes us stare in reverent wonder at the world around us.
Our ancestors told of these magical creatures from generation to generation. And it is surprising how similar their habits are. Perhaps by reading some of the tales from another continent, you will find that her characters are exactly the same as in your grandmother’s tales. Who knows?
And then, perhaps, you tell this story to your child.
And you will pass it on to the next generation.
And now...
Pretend you’re sitting by a fire, listening to a wise, wizened storyteller begin to talk...

About Teya Evans

UA Ukraine

My name is Teya Evans, and I am the mother of two children. My daughters and I love fairy tales very much and collect them. Join us and enjoy with us!

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