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Fall of the Roman Umpire

by T.S. McLellan  US United States

July 7, 2016   |    1,179 reads    |   0 comments

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Fall of the Roman Umpire (book) by T.S. McLellanIn 1980 the Pope made a tour of the United States, and was kidnapped by a group of radical Catholic Reformists from Eastern Europe, and replaced by a ringer; an insane major league baseball umpire.  The Pope escaped his captors, but try to get anyone in New York City to believe that he really is the Pope!  He finally is forced to hustle pool for a living and is at the mercy of the seedier characters of Manhattan.  Meanwhile, the Vatican is taken over by a pontiff who shouts "Play ball!" at the beginning of mass, and insists that nursery rhymes as just as beneficial as Hail Mary's for penance (or pennants), and popsicles are proper rewards for doing them right.  The heroes of the story are even crazier, with a blind pencil salesman, an FBI librarian, and an interpretive dancer trying to straighten everything out.

About The Author

I was born and raised on the liberal west coast of the United States, then joined a conservative government organization that offered travel, benefits and job training for individuals between the ages of 17 and 34, no experience necessary. I completed my first novel at the age of 21. It wasn't good. I devoted the next thirty plus years in gaining more life experience, more English knowledge, and learned a few other languages on the way. I have now walked on three continents, fought in three wars, and tried just about everything except brain surgery (licensing restrictions or... more

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