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Falling for the Heir

by Jenny Lynn  CA Canada

May 18, 2017   |    938 reads    |   0 comments

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Falling for the Heir - Book coverIn death, Simon Blackstone left a legacy. But some family secrets refuse to stay buried.

Nicholas Blackstone is next in line to take over as CEO of Blackstone Enterprises after his father's passing. A stubborn risk-taker, he is determined to live up to expectations. Well, most expectations. With his demanding schedule Nicholas has little time, or patience, to date the type of socialite women who are pushed on him. With an upcoming high-profile wedding to attend in California, how can he avoid being set up? Then he found his solution, a pretty waitress who might be willing to help him out.

Breanne Taylor is a busy student studying Psychology at the University of Chicago, paying her way by working as a waitress at an upscale restaurant. She is used to demanding customers, but when a handsome and wealthy diner propositions her to be his out of town wedding date she is caught off guard. After she decides to go, Breanne is pulled into the inner circle of the Blackstone family and quickly realizes this is a world unlike her own - where dangers lurk just below the luxury.

Falling for the Heir is a contemporary new adult billionaire romance with a few steamy sex scenes and a compelling mystery subplot that builds up to a satisfying HEA. No cliffhanger, no cheating.

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