Few Are Chosen, K'Barthan Series: Part 1

by M T McGuire GB United Kingdom
December 22, 2014

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Book image did not displayA once proud nation stands on the brink of destruction. An evil dictator is poised to take over this world and every other. He seems invincible but he may yet be defeated. One bumbling, cowardly getaway driver, an ex gangster, a group of eccentric septuagenarians who may, or may not, be the last custodians of the old order, two sassy intelligent women from the wrong version of the universe and a bald, potty-mouthed parrot are all that stands between the indomitable forces of evil and world domination. Whether they want to or not, they must save the world or die trying.

This is a fast paced, humorous adventure set in a parallel universe. There is action, a magic thimble, a dash of romance and some seriously cool cars.

This is the first book in the K'Barthan Series and is free for you to download in e-book format from all major outlets. It's a humorous science fiction fantasy adventure with a dash of romance and a healthy dollop of satire. It's aimed at young adults/teenagers but actually the oldest fan who has contacted the author is 93 and the youngest 10.

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