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by Oliver DAlton / AU Australia

A fast moving epic fantasy novel set in a mythic era. It traces a journey of survival in a time of warfare, intrigue and oppression. The Emperor, a bloody usurper of the Archaki Kingdom, rules the land with an iron fist. His winged Hussars swoop on the villages every five years and steal the boy-children for his armies. A group of conspirators from the village of Wacza enlist the aid of a mysterious hermit to combat the tyranny.


Empyryon: Book 1 The Golem of Wacza - Book cover
by Dale Britton / US United States

Amy is a sixteen-year-old girl who starts to notice that something strange is happening. People are staring at her. It could be anyone- friends, family, strangers, even animals. They just freeze in place and start watching her, and they don't even seem to notice that they're doing it. And then, when she's caught in an explosion at her father's research lab, things really get nuts.


Watching Amy - Book cover
by Jaymes Damian / GB United Kingdom

“After the Collapse, many, many years ago, there were only few survivors. Tribes all across the Physical began to form, some primitive, some highly technologically advanced, depending on the means they had left. Since resources were sparse, the tribes began fighting each other – for inhabitable land, drinkable water, and edible food. Central is the biggest tribe and the most technologically advanced one, if what they’re telling us is right, but it’s also the coldest, most controlling place I’ve ever known.”


Maiden: The Pearl - Book cover
by Briana Lawrence / US United States

There’s a city. It’s like most other cities. Buildings. People. Monsters who can destroy sidewalks by vomiting acid onto the ground, and an elite group of black, queer, magical girls who work to put those monsters in their place. See? Just like most other cities. Bree Danvers would’ve compared it to a video game, maybe a cartoon or comic book, except black girls are rarely the heroines of the story.


I Am Magical - Book cover
by Mehreen Ahmed / AU Australia

In 1866, Peter Baxter’s misfortune ends the day he leaves Badgerys Creek orphanage. Unsure of what to do next, Peter finds himself on a farm run by Mr. Brown. An aging man, Brown needs help and is happy to give Peter a place to live in exchange for his labor. Unbeknownst to Peter, Brown’s past is riddled with dark secrets tied to the same orphanage, which he has documented in a red folder.


by Suilyaniz Cintron / PR Puerto Rico

It’s 1950 and Warren Harlan’s father has died. Returning to his hometown in order to attend the funeral and comfort his grieving mother Warren is plagued by the recurring dream of a faceless woman. Lonely and seeking distraction from his loss Warren enters the Gilded Rose, a popular Los Angeles Nightclub hoping to find the phantom girl who inhabits his every thought.


Crying, the Nightingale - Book cover
by Ian T King / US United States

The War on Terror is in full swing. Millions are indiscriminately swept up in its Siren Song, from presidents to playful children. The president of the United States is morally torn between his humanitarianism and his constitutional duty to protect his citizens; Mo, a wretched youth, is waylaid by the treacherous teachings of his imam in prison; Ayaan, a lost soul, is lured into a romanticism of cataclysmic proportions on the Internet;


Siren Song: Har Megiddo 2.0 - Book cover
by Lynn Lamb / US United States

In the seven years since the Last War, we have found hope in the little things. We have enough fresh food to eat, safety in natural shelters, and the ice age has come to an end. Having survived the floods caused by the extreme climate change of a nuclear winter, we are now faced with an old ally—and our oldest foe. Sucked back into the web, I wonder if it is time to turn away from the fight and continue happily with the Janie Doe Tribe or finish the rebellion we began in the mountainous folds of Carmel Valley.


Wanderers on the Winds - Book cover
by James M. Becher / US United States

During the time of Jesus and of the historical Roman Empire, what would a cynical, non-conformist dry-goods salesman, a disgruntled blacksmith, and a musing mendicant all have in common? Down deep, they all seek something better; and eventually, they all find the childlike faith and humility required to enter God's kingdom and find true fulfillment.


Of Such Is The Kingdom - Book cover
by J.w.c Randall / GB United Kingdom

Justin and Natasha were childhood sweethearts, the problem was that Natasha was a foster child and they both knew that eventually she would be found an adoptive family. This day came and as upset as they both were they promised to keep in touch and visit. Natashas foster parents gave Justin's parents natashas forwarding contact details but unfortunately these were lost when Justin's family moved to Derbyshire.


The Stars Will Always Shine - Book cover


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Reaching Nirvana

Reaching Nirvana - Book cover
by Michele Chantal