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by / IT Italy

Two knights track down a dangerous monster lurking beneath Pnarakon, the City of Masks. As they prepare themselves to spring their ambush on the beast, little they know that they are about to be dragged in the middle of an insidious conspiracy which threatens to shake the entirety of the Structure.


Pnaramakhia - Book Cover
by / US United States

Adam wants nothing but to settle down in Northern Chicago after spending three years on deployment with the Marines. His younger twin brothers are well settled after four years of premium college education. Feeling a pressure to compete with them, he looks to save as much money as he can. His life is flipped upside down when he runs into Emma Walters, the young and beautiful Chief Executive Officer of the firm he has recently joined.


Bet on the Boss - Book cover
by / US United States

‘Welcome, everyone, to Weaverville’ The sign doesn’t include Alice Paget, at least not in the opinion of Weaverville’s citizens – certainly not in the opinion of their sheriff. Alice, notorious in two countries for her antics, is trouble the likes of which Weaverville can’t imagine. She absconds from Manhattan with the deed to her father’s California claim, a plan, and a pistol.


The Last Woman In Weary Creek - Book cover
by / US United States

Salesman, scam artist, criminal, killer--Ike Caudine never admits to himself what he has become, but he knows he likes it. After his Mary leaves him, Ike is desperate for an idea, a plan to impress her and win her back. He turns to his childhood friend, Fritz Moeller, and soon finds himself drawn into a violent world of drug dealers and at the center of the money laundering empire that his friend has created.


Monkey Man: a crime story - Book cover
by / PE Peru

Holly Ferguson wasn’t expecting adventure, mystery, romance and magic, but that’s exactly what she got. On what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation to Paradise Island, Bahamas, Holly is gifted with a fascinating golden ruby pendant found by Mateo, a young man linked to the islands who captures her heart.


Reflections of a Ruby Pendant - Book cover
by / US United States

Cleo McCall is out of time, out of funds, and trying desperately to get out of the country. The last person she expects to thwart her escape is her childhood crush, Matt Voretti, all grown up and hotter than ever—even as he slaps a pair of handcuffs on her. Cleo has learned the hard way never to let people see the real woman hiding behind her well-tailored suits, but if she doesn’t let Matt in she’s going to end up in prison. Or worse.


Catching Cleo - Book Cover
by / US United States

You are the high spirited 19-year-old daughter of a penniless widow, born and brought up on an isolated, windswept South Atlantic island, a girl with virtually no prospects, when out of the blue the most famous man on earth falls into your lap. Still smarting from his defeat at Waterloo, still the hero of Liberals everywhere, Napoleon has been exiled to tiny Saint Helena because it is the remotest and most easily defended island in the British Empire.


Napoleon's Rosebud - Book cover
by / CA Canada

An Amazon top 40! "Extremely well-written and almost Gothic in nature, Something (Wisteria #1) is horror at its best. While Lamb borrows heavily from the movie, The Ring, she puts her own spin on it. Reading could kill you? You bet! Horror doesn't get any scarier than books out to murder people." - Bestselling author N.N. Light


Something (Wisteria 1) - Book cover
by / NG Nigeria

The Almost Kiss, set in modern Nigeria, narrates the story of Chioma Okafor who is pressured by her over-ambitious mother into an unwanted romantic relationship with Uche, a young, sophisticated university lecturer. Chioma yields to her mother's pressure, hoping she would eventually fall in love with Uche as her mother had assured her, but she never did.


The Almost Kiss - Book cover
by / GB United Kingdom

Angela Balanescu, daughter of an organized crime boss, yearns to leave the town in which she grew up, instead of using drink and sex as escapism. She hates the violence adopted by her family and feels powerless to help her father, who only focuses on how he can gain more territory and power.


Deadly Sins: an organized crime thriller - Book cover


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I SAID NO! He Raped Me Anyway

I SAID NO! He Raped Me Anyway - Book cover
by Benjamin Bailey