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by Wendy Steele / GB United Kingdom

Angel Parsons meets up with old acquaintances at a school reunion. Rather than seeking revenge for the childhood trauma inflicted on her by her class mates, Angel uses the magical skills she has acquired to offer her persecutors the chance of redemption. Clare, Tiffany, Danielle, Rob and Justin hurt Angel badly, but it was Vincent who led them on, and it’s his influence the others need to shake off to move on in their lives.


Destiny of Angels - Book cover
by Johnn A. Escobar / AR Argentina

Miguel Odonoju un joven promedio acude a Miskatonic con la finalidad de solicitar la ayuda de John Howard Brown un afamado autor obsesionado con los antiguos secretos primigenios. Ambos rápidamente forjarán una sólida amistad y se verán inmersos en las insondables y horribles sombras ocultas a través de los evos intentando desentrañar el mayor misterio, quién es el Monje negro, ...


El Despertar de Cthulhu - tapa del libro
by Johnn A. Escobar / AR Argentina

La navidad estaba próxima y las personas paseaban tranquilas por las preciosas calles de New York, pero incluso entre la calma de las festividades ocurren desgracias. La emisora "Crítica" sabía de ello y cada año se veía centrada en reportar los casos mas obscuros, crueles y sangrientos de la víspera navideña; así su dueño y locutor Armando Botana conducía su programa especial ...


Sangrienta Navidad - tapa del libro
by Johnn A. Escobar / AR Argentina

Desde el año 5029, el planeta tierra permanece en una constante dictadura totalitaria dirigida por los Hermanos, tres hombres con habilidades sorprendentes y de quienes se cree no poseen final. Las consecuencias de sus actos no sólo afectarán la tierra sino a otros mundos; debido a ello una raza futurista pondrá en marcha un plan y entregará las herramientas necesarias al doctor Cantuni ...


Cronología: Una aventura de ciencia ficción - tapa del libro
by Ann Sepino / PH Philippines

She loves him, he loves her not, and there's nothing she can do about it. In order for their tribe of Gob Edis to flourish, Naomi knows that things have to stay the way they are. She has to hide her feelings for her sister Noya's betrothed. She has to watch as an engagement between Noya and Akiba, future chief of Niatnuom, is made. Then fate takes an astonishing turn when the wedding doesn't take place, and Naomi becomes Akiba's tribe servant instead.


Tribeless - Book cover
by C. Attleya / GB United Kingdom

18 September 8.40 am. 12-year-old Rebecca Riverton was looking forward to her camping trip. Instead she finds herself alone at the stables, with only her horse Flock for company. Having lost everything except her backpack and sleeping bag, she rides east, hoping to find other survivors in London. Straying too far south, she finds a home and friends at Hever Castle, where she forges a new future for herself as she gains the respect of both humans and aliens.

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THE COOL BREEZE OF SPRING - Rebecca's diary - Book cover
by C. Attleya / GB United Kingdom

Is there such a thing as a gentle apocalypse? Caila, notoriously clumsy and indecisive, is asked by an alien species to help decide the faith of Earth, in less than a week. To make matters worse, she also needs to select seven companions to help rebuild a human population. The surprisingly gentle apocalypse marks the start of their fight for survival. This is a story about an ordinary group of people caught up in an extraordinary situation.

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THE COOL BREEZE OF SPRING - A new beginning - Book cover
by LA Abonitalla / PH Philippines

Wondering what you will do in eternity? Check this book, A Story on Heaven on Earth: Why We Could See God and Then Go Shopping. It’s a short read religious fiction dashed with a bit of humor and fantasy showing that the good we do today is carried over to eternity. Want to know how you could showcase your dance moves, writing, technical and other skills at God’s grand ball that never ends? Join Banso and At Least, a half human and a half angel, who’s looking for a cure of his abomination so that he could get an invite to the party in heaven.


A Story on Heaven and Earth - Book cover
by Ann Sepino / PH Philippines

Once upon a time, there was a man called INDRI. He was the son of the frog king, and had the features to prove it. Because he was feared for his appearance, his unloved heart hardened and turned black as a frog's. Once upon a time, there was a lady called TILULA. She was the daughter of a merchant and older sister to his favorite son. She was rarely ever appreciated due to being a woman, but this never stopped her from loving those who needed to be loved.


Tilula - Book cover
by Michael Palmer-Cryle / AU Australia

Hieronymus Jones was a strange boy, a hair past fifteen, tall and pale with jet black hair, dark brown eyes and a very peculiar kind of mind. If he was not the smartest thing on the planet, he was a very close second. He had secrets, dark and terrible, wonderful and pure. Secrets of hidden worlds with lost people, that were not entirely human. Most unusually, he held secrets... of magic.When Hieronymus Jones saw Gertrude Green for the first time, he sat up a little straighter in his seat.


Hieronymus Jones and the Teacup Squid - Book cover