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by Deb E. Howell / NZ New Zealand

Once upon a time, the last Immortal lost his powers to an Aenuk Healer and her tree. Nine hundred years later, he learns that an Immortal child is going to be born, and with it, the chance to regain his lost magic... The Kara and Aenuk races have been enemies for centuries, but for Llew and Jonas, love won out. Now Llew faces an uncertain future: one nation wants her to breed their future army, and the other wants her dead.


Warrior's Touch - Book cover
by H. C. Turk / US United States

After Stan Power’s ex-wife accidentally kills their daughter, heartbroken Stan vows to do anything to change this tragedy, even if it means living the events over again. And again. And again. His weapons are alchemy, magic, and a science that won’t exist until he creates it. One morning, Stan has to pick himself up after falling on his face. He doesn’t remember what caused the fall, but he’s not injured.


Six Moons Before Mating - Book cover
by Rebecca Dash / US United States

It’s very bright in the room when Susan finally opens her eyes. She has to lie there for a moment before remembering exactly where she is ... The duke’s estate! There was the ball the night before. The invitation to stay several days. And all that blasted punch. It tasted of fruit, but kicked like a mule, and had her more than a trifle disguised in no time at all. She has to go through the evening’s events in her mind to make sure nothing took place that would destroy her socially.


A Viscount And A Scandal - Book cover
by D. Lieber / US United States

No one said guarding a faeling from bloodthirsty vampires would be easy. In fact, Runa trained all her life to protect her intended bondmate, Konner, until he could awaken his full magic. She was looking forward to her time with the young fae until tragedy shattered her plans. For the last thirteen years, she’s been bound with Mikhail. Neither of them was happy with the arrangement, but she never thought he’d request to unbind from her early.


Intended Bondmates - Book cover
by Rebecca Dash / US United States

Joanna has never been so nervous at a formal dinner in her life. It’s not the pressure of maintaining perfect etiquette that’s bothering her. It’s that she wasn’t aware the Marquess of Ayle would be attending. It has been almost a year since they were parted, entirely against their own wishes. Their families have been in a bitter quarrel ever since his brother broke off an engagement with her sister, forever ruining her in society.


A Marquess To Love And Despise - Book cover
by Zak Hennessey / US United States

The thengati hunt and eat humans. They’ve done so for hundreds of years. Savage brutes, powerfully muscled and warlike, they rule the dark places of the land. But the survivors have been learning and adapting. Uniting the scattered human clans, they’ve become stronger, more cunning. The people of Claremont have risen to their feet, screaming defiance at their tormentors. Using hard-earned strategy and superior weaponcraft, King Brenard of the noble Mont-Callahie bloodline has begun turning the tide.


Seeds for the Reaper - Book cover
by Brian Kaufman / US United States

Courtney Morgan is a female knuckle-ball pitcher trying to break into professional baseball. Parker Westfall is an aging slugger with one last chance at the ultimate carrot—a spot on a major-league roster. She’s gorgeous, and he’s having the season of his life. Together, they’ll try to change a losing team’s fortunes on their way to the big show. But when tragedy strikes, will their dreams still matter?


The Fat Lady's Low, Sad Song - Book cover
by Jonathan M. Lazar / US United States

The characters you thought you knew. Marguerite White is thrust into the wider realm when Wolves attack the city of Zhan’ding, and Saledii Red, last heir to the House of Red is killed.
Forces, both familiar and foreign dabble with hidden strings. They pull at the delicate threads of an unstable peace, not only between Ashok Orai and Zhan'ding, but also the scattered Wolves, who seek rebuild their once glorious empire.


Bound by Roses - Book cover
by Tina OHailey / US United States

A thrill ride through time that will make you hold your breath. Sitting by the campfire, Brandy admitted a secret to her friends. She swore she saw a ghost when exiting a cave earlier that day. Was she seeing things? Did they believe her? The next day, breaking a cardinal rule, she snuck back to the cave alone. No one knew where she was. What if she fell or was trapped? There would be no rescue.


Absolute Darkness - Book cover
by Gwendolyn Rachel Ackerman / IL Israel

Goddess of Battle is a tale of two young women living on opposite sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict -- one an immigrant from the U.S. and a soldier, the other a Palestinian student and wife. The violence impacts on both their lives but when they meet, they see a potential for friendship that bridges that divide of hatred and forge a relationship they hope might help change the world. It is a story that highlights the possibility of resolving bloodshed from the grassroots, and mirrors a small but growing reality that many don't know exists.


Goddess of Battle - Book cover