The Force of Nature

The Force of Nature (book) by Jason S Manning. Book cover.
The Rock Band That Saved The World

24 February, 2023

'The Greatest Of All Wars' would have decimated the earth and annihilated the human race. The earth wasn't saved by your typical heroes, they neither possessed any superpowers nor resorted to violence, they saved the world through music.

Her stage name was Dreamer, she had gained that pseudonym on account of whenever she wrote songs she would enter a dream world of the past, present and future guided by two enigmatic beings. They had shown her a possible future where war had escalated so badly that nothing on the earth survived.

A sinister group that hid in the shadows wanted that war despite the devastating outcome it would bring. Their greed outweighed logic and common sense and their grasp strong enough to have a stranglehold on the government. Their influence on the public's opinion was also as strong and seemed virtually unbreakable.

The rock band had emerged from obscurity and it was her guitar playing technique, her singing voice and the contents of her lyrics that had released the people from the secretive group's clutches. It was especially her lyrics that irked the secretive group the most, she had somehow known things that common people were not supposed to know.

Yet, the secretive group would not loosen their grip on the minds of the people and it almost took a miracle to save the world from itself.

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