Francisco The Angry Fugu

The book is required for any children who become hysterical quickly.

Anger ... Being angry is normal!
But what happens we do not control our anger? How does this affect us? Our lives would be easier if we learned to experience our emotions.
Anger can be expressed in different ways. Often, though, it comes out as aggression which can break loose and affect others, too.

Francisco Fugu will help you learn to recognize the emotion of anger. He will tell you how to control anger.

When he grows up, he begins to feel omnipotent. Even huge tunas become afraid of him. Francisco Fugu likes his position, and he uses his ability to inflate and get bigger to intimidate others.

This book is about balance. To be healthy and happy, you need balance!
In order to teach this to your children, it’s essential to have a book like this that will teach children about their emotions and anger management.

The book is perfect for reading before bedtime and offers a great opportunity to discuss the topic of emotions with your children.

Warning: it may touch your heart deeply!

This children's book contains beautiful illustrations of cute fugu. Colorful tale

Get this book now! Enjoy!

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Genre: Fiction > Children

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