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Getting Sync'd

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October 13, 2011  |  1,292 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Getting Sync'dDan Shears has a life any other bloke would be jealous of; he's a famous DJ on a national London radio station, he has a burgeoning TV career, he's regularly linked to a string of desirable women ... and yet, Dan just isn't happy. He finds his dream job boring, he has a sneaking suspicion his TV career will be over as quickly as one of his now infamous one-night-stands, and ever since he broke up with glamour model Suzy Ryder his love-life is just an unmitigated disaster.

To try and get his life in some sort of order, he decides to accept an invitation to a wedding party, which also looks to be a reunion of past university friends in his home town of Bournemouth. There he hopes to get reacquainted with faces from the past, including his one-time best friend and DJ partner Max. And maybe he'll bump in to his university ex Rita – the one person he thinks can answer the question everyone, including him is asking: “What's going on with Dan Shears?”

About Stephen Paul Blanchard

GB United Kingdom

I am a writer, broadcaster and amateur film-maker. Previous experience includes writing for anything from travel magazines, to having a film-script purchased for production. "Getting Sync'd" is the first in a planned series of 4 novels.

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