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Good Boy, Achilles

Book by Eddie Ellis

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April 17, 2017  |  2,940 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Good Boy, Achilles by Eddie Ellis. Book cover"Good Boy, Achilles!" (Eddie Ellis, Westbow Press) is based on the idea that, because we human beings are flawed and fouled-up, God has given dogs the task of helping us along. The story opens on a small farm, where a boy named Jeremy discovers that his family’s dog, Ginger, has finally given birth to her long-awaited puppies. Ginger explains to her puppies that they must leave the farm for new homes where they will take care of their own humans, for that is the Father’s plan. Jeremy’s parents tell him that the family can afford only one dog, Ginger, and will have to give the puppies away. As the story progresses, however, Jeremy and his favorite puppy, Thunder, or, as Jeremy calls him, Achilles, become best friends, and Thunder comes to believe that he will remain on the farm as Jeremy’s dog. Will he? On the way to finding out, he and Jeremy learn some basic Christian theology and some important life lessons.

"Kirkus Reviews" has described this book as ". . . sure to be inspirational for Christians, moving for dog lovers, and perfect for readers who are both. . . ."


Author's Notes

What is God gave dogs a mission: take care of humans.

About Eddie Ellis

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Eddie Ellis is a life-long dog lover who grew up in the orange groves of central Florida. He has owned many dogs, including a large wolf hybrid named Achilles. Ellis is an ordained United Methodist minister who currently serves as professor of New Testament at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL. He enjoys fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, and of course, writing.

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