Good Morning Farm

by Marilyn Robinso... US United States
August 12, 2014

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Good Morning Farm - Book CoverGood Morning Farm is a story about how the sun pushes the curtain of darkness away and greets the farmer, his wife and all of the animals, and helps them through the day. Then as evening approaches the sun pulls the curtain of darkness back up, as the moon appears.

The story is written with rhyme which young children love. The colors are rich. Children will enjoy the chickens, goat, bees, horse, cows, sheep, pigs, rabbit, turkey, donkey and lots of kitty cats. Of course the farmer has a tractor to harvest the hay. And his wife is gathering grapes to make jam. The story is a typical day on the farm. It is book for young children preschool through early elementary.

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Good Morning Farm - Book Cover