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Goodnight Animal Moon Town

by Anne Crane  US United States

August 5, 2021   |    359 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Goodnight Animal Moon Town (children's book) by Anne Crane. Book coverGoodnight to everybody, goodnight one and all, Goodnight to all the children reading this, big and small.

Many animals and people are sleepy from a long day of play, this book serves as flawless for bedtime. From creative to informative, Anne Crane’s poetic bedtime rhyme for children tells a tale of animals and people within a small town, as they near bedtime. With unique, adorable illustrations along with a serene ending, this is a book that families will love to read together, giving them a chance to go to sleep with the characters.

Goodnight Animal Moon is a fun and tranquil short story that welcomes children and parents both a chance to say goodnight to all of the animals and people in this small town.


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