Goodnight Animal Moon Town

Goodnight Animal Moon Town by Anne Crane - Book cover.

5 August, 2021

Goodnight to everybody, goodnight one and all, Goodnight to all the children reading this, big and small.

Many animals and people are sleepy from a long day of play, this book serves as flawless for bedtime. From creative to informative, Anne Crane’s poetic bedtime rhyme for children tells a tale of animals and people within a small town, as they near bedtime. With unique, adorable illustrations along with a serene ending, this is a book that families will love to read together, giving them a chance to go to sleep with the characters.

Goodnight Animal Moon is a fun and tranquil short story that welcomes children and parents both a chance to say goodnight to all of the animals and people in this small town.

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Genre: Fiction > Children

ISBN: 9798535167855


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