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by Sydney Paige McCutcheon  US United States

March 10, 2015   |    1,179 reads    |   0 comments

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Henry - Book Image Did Not Load!Christian Suspense novel Henry

An Ex-Cop in a wheelchair, a white box, and an urban legend. Witness Protection will be an interesting ride for Prue Collins. . . .

After witnessing her sister’s murder, Prue Collins is sent to a small town outside Astoria, Oregon and with her comes a secret that endangers more than just her own life. What she doesn’t expect is the cold shoulder from the man meant to protect her.

Enter Ex-Officer Henry Clay, a man with his own box (literally) of secrets. His wheelchair gives Prue a glimpse of his tragic past and she can't fight curiosity as more clues come her way, opening her eyes to the true stranger she's been sent to live with—and possibly, meant to help save.

But can Prue hold onto her faith that God must have a plan in the midst? That things will work for her good? Will the murderer get to her first?
And when the all secrets are revealed, will it bring Henry and Prue closer together, or only rip them further apart?

About The Author

"Writing was never a career option for me. I was going to be a Harvard-Grad Lawyer. But then I turned fourteen and all my plans changed."

I started writing at a young age when introduced to poetry and won first place in a Mayo Clinic Poetry Contest for my grade level. I always thought of writing as a way to express the things I couldn't say aloud, things I was too shy or embarrassed to reveal about myself. I used writing as a portal to reach/connect to the world.
The year my lawyer plans changed was the year I attempted my first novel. I wrote in blue ink in a spiral notebook... more

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