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Home Wrecker

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Home WreckerHome Wrecker is based on a true story. I have changed names and circumstances. The main character is very much a product of who I am. Her life experiences in this story parallels mine. It is a coming of age story that is filled with extreme heartbreak, life changing events and unexpected resilience.

This story chronicles a childhood through mid life of a California girl. The main character, Brooklyn is just trying to find her place in the world. Brought up in the San Fernando Valley in the sixties she grew up during a time when women were housewives and men were the sole providers for their household. Her dad was the king of the castle and expected to be treated as such. He had a terrible temper which she was never able to confront. Her mom often protected her from her dad.

As a child she never felt like she fit in with her peers and that feeling followed her throughout her life. It wasn’t until High School in the eighties when she became a punk rocker that she felt she found her place in the world. Against her parents lack of approval she started hanging out at Hollywood night spots staying out all hours of the night. This was her first taste of freedom which she fought for tooth and nail.

In her twenties she was employed as a waitress in Beverly Hills, where she tried to become a working actress. Actresses working in restaurants were a dime a dozen. She hated being a cliché. Back then, if you didn’t know anyone in the business the chance of becoming a successful actress was close to impossible.

By thirty, she got married and years later, joined the ever growing club she refers to as “divorce central.” Living in a planned community that looked like Disneyland felt nothing like the happiest place on earth. This divorce caused her a great deal of turmoil in a life that had been filled with never ending drama.

Throughout her journey, Brooklyn learned a lot about herself and discovered the meaning of  true love. However,  that was also when everything erupted around her. Despite finally meeting her soul mate, she discovered that she would have to pay for her actions. She was now open to negative criticism and constant scrutiny by everyone, including her closest friends and family.

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Brenda Perlin was born in Los Angeles, California in the Sixties. She studied acting and photography after high school. Later, her true passion was ignited when she became interested in health and fitness and became a fitness instructor. At twenty-nine she started writing Home Wrecker during the time she was getting married. She put her story down shortly after the wedding and didn’t pick...

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