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Homeland Z

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March 6, 2023  |  246 views

Homeland Z (book) by George R. N. - Book coverAfter the death of his father, Logan goes to a wild party to do the only thing that makes sense to him at the time. Then he wakes up to find that everyone is gone. Almost everyone. Or so it seems, at first. But as he exits his house, he finds that the world he knew is no longer as he remembers it. Everyone is in great danger, but all Logan can think about is finding his friends. Searching for them, he goes on a long and dangerous journey, where he finds new friends and new enemies. For a moment he sees a light in the dark tunnel, but then his world gets grim, and his real nightmares begin.

Ugly and brutal, everything had changed overnight, when a deadly virus broke, quickly spreading over the beautiful island of Heiwa, refusing to be stopped by the army, and quickly turning into pandemic. All hope for humanity seems lost. The ever-evolving virus is strong and the population of Heiwa melts rapidly, many die, while others survive the virus and alter, converting into the angry, and always raging, hungry mass of cannibalistic infected. The new threat to people is people, but unlike the healthy humans, the infected are never tired and never in pain, but always hungry. Primal and bloodthirsty, they are killing to eat. Spreading death and horror wherever they go.

How long can one man live, when all odds are against him?

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My name is Georgi Rumen Nikolov, and I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in April, 1997, in a windy and snowy day. Why did I tell you this? Because some people like such details. I do. Anyway, back to why is this guy writing? Well, ever since I was a kid my imagination was running wild, and from very young age, I was surrounded by games, friends, good movies and books, and at some point my...

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