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by Karina Kantas  GR Greece

July 15, 2013   |    1,497 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Huntress - Book Image Did Not Load!Huntress takes you into a unknown world of outlaw motorcycle clubs. 
When Sofi learns that her father was the president of a hard-core bikers’ gang, and that both of her parents are in hiding after her mum testified against Mud, the leader of a rival gang who murdered her uncle, Sofi vows revenge.
Before she’s patched in as a member of the Wolves, Sofi goes through viscous and brutal experiences. 
Although her want for revenge is immense, Sofi is no killer. Instead, she uses her journalistic skill and infiltrates the Wolves. Only she falls in love with Buzz, Mud’s son and is torn between the want for retribution and her love for Buzz and the biker’s lifestyle.
Huntress is strictly for adults with coarse language and sexual scenes. 



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