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I Am Angelo

Sense of Direction
by Ekaterina Yuvasheva  US United States

March 16, 2014   |    1,186 reads    |   0 comments

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I Am Angelo: Sense of Direction - Book CoverDid you ever dream of being famous, doing mysterious things, or being a superhero? For Adrian Alexander Prince, an average teenager from Montana, these dreams become a stunning reality, when he is invited to attend a special school many miles away because he possesses the ability to change the world, known as the Talent.
The surprises don't end there. Adrian learns new things about the family he thought he knew, about his other family and the special place they occupied among the Talented, and about his own unusual fate. He discovers the ability to heal and experiences strange dreams, in which he communicates with his twin Angelo brother. Alone in a strange place, these things feel like too much to handle. But that's what friends are for-mysterious and legendary Mark Rigel, snappy Alvin, shy Kaiya, thoughtful Ignat, nervous Chris. With their help, even the impossible projects like surviving finals, dealing with the confusing plots masterminded by Professor Arthur, the school's dean, and planning a get-together with his Angelo brother are possible!
Will Adrian find what he seeks in the end-a relationship with his brother and truth about his fate? Will he meet a family he's only seen in his unusual dreams? Or will his attempts be foiled by power-hungry politicians and his friends' betrayal?

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