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I Listened, Momma

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January 31, 2011  |  1,861 views  |  0 reviews / comments

I Listened, Momma by Darlene Franklin Campbell. Book coverWhen Chippie Pablo’s poor Mexican father and White middle-class mother married, they defied the conventions of 1950’s rural Appalachia, stirring up racial and social tensions.

Now, twenty years later, Chippie struggles to understand the rationale behind the prejudice directed toward her family. All she ever wanted was the peaceful life her family had known down in Walkup Holler, however, her daddy’s dream of having his own land leads the family to settle in a swampy area at the foot of Briar Ridge, a community where a girl of “her kind” should remember her place. But Chippie’s strong will and devotion to her family will not be silenced by bigotry or ignorance.

Just when she thinks she has found the means and the courage to bring honor to her family name, Chippie’s world is rocked by a tragedy so severe and a sorrow so deep that the social issues which once plagued her seem small and far away.


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