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by Stephen Perry  US United States

November 6, 2012   |    1,029 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Illumini (book) by Stephen PerryIllumini takes you on a wild, fast-paced ride across a dystopian near future world. An action packed sci-fi novel filled with dark government forces, a young couple desperately on the run, sinister corporations run amok, genetic engineering, and a contagious virus that will set us all free.

An action-thriller that will keep you turning pages. It draws you in from the very first chapter with an original weave of current events bound by dynamic characters and rapid pace that keeps you enthralled throughout. A lucid and intelligent story that asks the big questions. This is not a story about a virus, but about the decisions we make today and the world that will result tomorrow.

About the Author

Stephen Perry was born November 4, 1964 in Attleboro, MA. He is a writer of contemporary and politically relevant science fiction.

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