Imhotep Awakens

Imhotep Awakens by J. Jack Bergeron - Book cover.

13 April, 2018

Is it possible to rise from the dead?
The unearthing of Otzi, a frozen dead body found in the Swiss Alps in 1991, was a major discovery that created a sensation. But Otzi never came to life.

Years later, a 5,000 year old body is found alive on the Sinai Peninsula.
* Why was it alive and what did scientists claim?
It could have been a pure luck environment with the correct chemicals allowing the body to remain in stasis.
* What did religious figures claim?
Many religious organizations and cults were convinced it was preserved by God or other spirits, but the biggest one was the claim that this was a famous historical person linked to a biblical prophet.
* What did Raelians claim?
It had to be aliens from another planet who came to earth 25,000 years ago.

Other mysteries arose:
* Were there connections between the Pyramids of Egypt, Mexico, and China?
Evidence was constantly surfacing that this was true.
* Were strange myths reinvigorated?
Dropa Stones are considered a myth that originated in China, or do they have a connection with unearthly forces?
* Or were aliens from another planet involved?
These are the big mysteries occupying the minds of scientists, cult followers, and Ufologists.

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Genre: Fiction > Science Fiction

ISBN: 9780994048035


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