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In That Other Dimension

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by Matty Millard  GB United Kingdom

August 3, 2016   |    1,242 reads    |   0 comments

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In That Other Dimension (book) by Matty MillardParallel dimensions are actually quite squiggly in nature.

This is one of many lessons which Carlos Ernesto Amadeus von Schnaart will learn during his accidental journey into the unknown. Finding the way home and explaining his tequila fuelled disappearance to his fiancee will become minor worries when he he finds himself kidnapped by the evil scientist Dr Funk.

Follow Carlos's adventures through the parallel universe and find out what happens to him when he gets lost "In That Other Dimension..." Warning: Contains traces of ducks, cake dragons, jelly babies and the infamous Unicorn Mountain. May induce laughter.

"Matty Millard has a way of making you feel you're sitting there with him as you read: he's telling you a story but he's also beside you, pointing out bits, telling you extra things, it's like having the writer with you and making you smile." – William Gallagher

Author's Note: 

In That Other Dimension is a comical romp through the squiggly world of parallel dimensions. Carlos's accidental journey takes a turn for the worse when his on-off girlfriend gets kidnapped by the evil scientist Dr Funk. He is forced to undertake a mad-cap rescue mission with some, slightly peculiar, friends he makes along the way.

The humour in In That Other Dimension is inspired by the authors love of Terry Pratchett, combined with the wacky imagination of Douglas Adams and the childish wickedness of Roald Dahl. Together this gives the reader a laugh out loud adventure which should not be taken too seriously.


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