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Inspector of the Cross

by John B. Rosenman  US United States

January 9, 2013   |    1,494 reads    |   0 comments

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Inspector of the Cross (book) by John B. RosenmanTurtan, humanity's greatest hero, tries to save the Cross from the Cen, seemingly invincible aliens who invaded their galaxy five thousand years before.  Though Turtan would scoff at the notion, he is in many ways a Christian hero and a savior, for he has almost singlehandedly kept the Cross in the war and saved them from annihilation.  He is also four thousand years old, for he travels on freeze ships in suspended animation to distant worlds on his missions, seeking weapons that might turn the tide against their cruel and heartless enemy.  In the process he has had many loves and left many women.

Now, finally, he has found a weapon, a device that might enable the Cross to win and end the interminable war at last.  Will it work, or will it only result in another failure and more frustration?  If anyone can succeed, it's Turtan, The Inspector of the Cross.

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