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Is It Worth It

by Dallacey E Green  US United States

June 22, 2014   |    902 reads    |   0 comments

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Is It Worth It - Book coverJake is a Native American Indian and his wife Charlie is an African American. In the last recent months Jake and Charlie have gone through a tragic loss, which has greatly affected their marriage. They leave New York City and move to the South, in hopes to find some solitude. This move challenges their relationship to the point that Jake finds himself wondering if their love, their marriage, is truly worth it. This story is very unique because it is told by a man's perspective. Jake is deeply in love with his wife who has distanced herself from him after she miscarried their third child. As Jake tries to reach out to Charlie he finds that their troubles are beyond the loss of their child, but there have been even greater issues between them which need to be resolved. This story is about the journey of love, Jake's determination to win back the affection of his wife in a place where interracial relationships are not as warmly embraced.

About The Author

The Author Dallacey E. Green is a talented Interior designer and Artist. She has always had a great love for writing and throughout the years she has written many poems and short stories. Seeing the enjoyment that her friends have had over these romantic tales, has inspired Green to publish her work. Is It Worth It is Green’s second novel, her first is Second Best and she is currently completing her third novel, For a Life Time, all three books are a part of her twin series. Green lives in a small quiet town in Tennessee, which she thinks is the perfect setting to create her heartwarming... more

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