Itchy: The Story of Rapunzel

Itchy: The Story of Rapunzel by Karleen Tauszik - Book cover.
With Head Lice

2 March, 2016

In ITCHY, Jack Horner likes to sit in his corner as the pharmacist at the Far, Far Away Drug Store. But suddenly he finds himself in the middle of a crisis. Rapunzel has head lice, and the enchantress who holds her prisoner tells Jack he MUST find the cure. It’s a task that seems impossible when Jack looks at the five little bottles of lice medicine on his drug store shelf. Can he do it? Where can he get help? And could this be a chance for Rapunzel (and Jack) to escape from the enchantress forever?

Suitable for readers from ages 8 to 12, ITCHY is also the perfect length to read aloud to children of all ages.

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Genre: Fiction > Children


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