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Je t`Aime: I Love You

by Author Julia  US United States

July 23, 2019   |    755 reads    |   0 comments

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Je t`Aime: I Love You - Book coverWhen you read the romantic novel "Je t`aime," you believe that romance comes into your life.
The heroine of the novel is a Parisian who adores her city. She is the owner of a small shop of happy things, which is located near Notre-Dame de Bet. Every time she meets people who come to her shop, she tries to do everything so that people remember Paris forever.
One day she decides to travel with her two children. In the Chamonix Valley, she rents a house for the whole summer. The owner of the house next door comes on weekends from Geneva. Feelings appear between this man and the main character.
Can they be together? Read and believe that everything is possible if you love.
This novel is about love, friendship, true values, about relationships with children, as well as about the natural beauty of the valley of Chamonix, Paris and Geneva.

About The Author

Julia is a writer, author of the books “Dignity,” “Love never fails,” “Stories of my dreams,” “Je t'aime / I love you” and “Each ending is the beginning of something new.” 20 years ago, writing love stories and writing them down in her notebooks. After a while, Julia decided to publish her books and develop in writing.

In the fall of 2016, Julia wrote 2 new books in different genres: the love novel “Je t’aime (I love you)” - the book was released on November 30, the autobiographical motivational “Stories of my dreams” - the book was published on October 31. Currently, another... more

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