Keeper of the Watch

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March 21, 2018

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Keeper of the Watch - Book coverEverything has changed for Chase Walker. His uncle dies, and he discovers a watch in his belongings that calls to him; not to mention that he suspects he's being followed.

His suspicions are confirmed when someone breaks into his house and he is saved by a mysterious stranger. She wears a magical watch and tries to convince Chase to connect with his watch as she has with hers.

He has an important decision to make.

Wear the watch for his entire eighteenth year jumping to a new dimensional plane each month, or deny his heritage and walk away.

Author's Note: 

This story was inspired by my dad. I always wear a watch, and I inherited a love of time from him. After he passed away, the idea came to me. Wouldn't it be cool to write a story about a watch with powers? I sat down and started writing and KEEPER OF THE WATCH was born.

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Keeper of the Watch - Book cover
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