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Kwidatz: The Chronicles of Jenna Whitehair

by Julie Hancox  GB United Kingdom

November 19, 2011   |    2,255 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Kwidatz: The Chronicles of Jenna WhitehairFollow the gripping tale of single mother Jenna Tate as she discovers that she is a descendant of an entity called The Lady Jenna Whitehair, who has existed in various incarnations in a parallel world called Kamilon.

Jenna is kidnapped and taken to Kamilon by a slave of the priest Pali, who turns out to be in league with the archenemy of Jenna Whitehair, The Hyalin. His plans are thwarted when the slave, Bantu, befriends Jenna and gives her a magical wristband, called the “Torque of Torail”, which houses the energy of the “White One.” Jenna morphs into the likeness of the original Jenna Whitehair, and gradually learns to control the power that is now inextricably infused into her body.

How will Jenna come to terms with her new identity, and the loss of her old life? Will she be able to defeat The Hyalin? Follow the riveting adventure of discovery, transformation and triumph in the exhilarating Kwidatz: The Chronicles of Jenna Whitehair.


About the Author

Julie Hancox grew up in Maldon, Essex, England, and currently resides in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, where she is a primary school teacher. She has completed the second in the Kwidatz series, Return to Kamilon and is writing the third installment, Resurrection.

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